Volume 1 Edition 1 April 1999 http://www.host.scouter.com/section-c6/newsletter.html Included in the first edition: Aaron Kreager elected Central Region Chief 1999 Section Officers OA Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage OA Philmont Trail Crew Philmont National Leadership Seminars National Leadership Summit Central Region NLS Dates 1999 Section Conclave Spotlights Native American Programs Ceremonies Aaron elected Central Region Chief. Aaron Kreager of Kit-Ke-Hak-O-Kut Lodge #97 is the 1999 Central Region Chief. He was elected from and by the other section chiefs in the region during the national OA planning meeting held in December of 1998. Aaron was previously serving as C-6 Chief following his election to the office during the 1998 Section Conclave at Camp Jayhawk. He is an Eagle Scout, a Vigil Honor member, and a Founder’s Award recipient. Aaron participated in the 1998 OATC program at Philmont and has also completed high-adventure trips at the Charles L. Sommers High Adventure Base and the Okpik Cold Weather Camping program run by Northern Tier. The 1999 Central Region Chief is studying at the University of Minnesota-Duluth to prepare for a career in business. It is a great pleasure and success for the section to see Aaron as region chief. His home address: 912 Hickory Hill Road, Papillion, NE 68046. His school address: 2404 Oakland Drive, LSH #205, Duluth, MN 55812. His phone number at school is 218-726-7396, and his e-mail address is akreager@d.umn.edu. Current Section Officers. Section Chief Nick Johnson is from Nampa-Tsi Lodge #216. He is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor member, and Founder’s Award recipient. He was most recently serving as Lodge Chief before being elected to Section Chief. He was a member of OATC-808-B during the summer of 1997 and served on NOAC radio staff last summer. His address is 4600 Connery CT, Columbia, MO 65203. His phone number is 573- 443-0984. You can e-mail him at nickj@tande.com and his Web site: http://members.tripod.com/Nick216. Section Vice-Chief Luke Whited is from Tamegonit Lodge #147. He is an Eagle Scout and Ordeal Member. Luke is very active with his council’s Brownsea program for training youth leaders. His address is 8401 E. 86th Terr., Raytown, MO 64138. His phone number: 816-313-6791. His e-mail address is lwhited@micro.com. Section Secretary J.C. Feger is also from Nampa-Tsi Lodge #216. He is currently serving his lodge as Administrative Vice-Chief. J.C. attended both the 1996 and 1998 National OA Conferences as a member of the lodge’s contingent. He is an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member. His address is 18791 Audrain RD 306, Mexico, MO 65265. His phone number is 573-581-2077. His e-mail address is jc216@hotmail.com. Section Adviser Terry Howerton II is another Tamegonit Lodge #147 member. Terry is the editor of Scouter’s Journal. He is also a former section chief. His address is PO Box 5840, Kansas City, MO 64171. His work number is 816-931-4111, and you can e-mail Terry at terry@scouter.com. OA Northern Tier Wilderness Voyage. This summer will be the premiere of a sensational new Order of the Arrow program. The Voyage begins this summer in U.S.-Canadian BWCA based out of the Charles L. Sommers High Adventure Base. The program is open to youth members who are at least 16 years old and not yet 21 by the conclusion of the session. Participants need to be strong and robust. This fitness requirement is in place because canoes are heavy and work on portage trails can be strenuous. Participant cost is $100 for the two-week experience. This fee includes all program expenses such as meals and housing. Additional expenses, including travel to and from the High Adventure Base and other purchases are the responsibility of the participant. The program’s official Web site: http://www.host.scouter.net/oavoyage. Jason Accola may be contacted for additional information: 401 Montgomery, East Dubuque, IL 61025, or by e-mail: accola@uiuc.edu. Do not miss the chance to be one of the first to experience the Boundary Waters through the Order of the Arrow. Spaces are limited and filling quickly! OAWV—the voyage of a lifetime. Sessions 1. 1. June 9-21 2. June 16-28 3. June 23-July5 4. June 30-July 12 5. July 7-19 6. July 14-26 7. July 21-August 2 8. July 28-August 9 9. August 4-16 10. August 11-23 OA Philmont Trail Crew. Imagine standing on top of a mountainous peak, scanning the Philmont landscape as the sun rises in beautiful New Mexico. For over five years the Order of the Arrow Trail Crew program has experienced success as one of the best programs the BSA has to offer. Just dream of the climb as you think back to the week before as you were cutting trail. Busting rock, falling trees, building rock walls, every part of it leaves you wanting more. The fellowship and Brotherhood of your crew will overwhelm all of your senses. Best of all, you can enjoy once again this summer. For those between 16 and 21 from the day the program begins to the day the program ends, come out to Philmont this summer and enjoy its endless splendor for $100. Spaces are filling up quickly; so do not delay. OA Trail Crew Web site: http://www.oa-bsa.org/other/tcrew, or e-mail David Stowe for additional information at c642897@showme.missouri.edu. Sessions 1. 1. June 13-27 2. June 20-July4 3. June 27-July 11 4. July 4-18 5. July 11-25 6. July 18-August 1 7. July 25-August 8 8. August 1-15 9. August 8-22 Philmont NLS. The Central Region will be conducting a National Leadership Seminar June 20-26, at the Philmont Training Center in Cimarron, New Mexico. Being surrounded by beautiful Philmont for an extended seminar should make this a great experience for youth and adult Arrowmen from all regions. Arrowmen from the Western Region will be hosting the first Philmont NLS from June 13-19. Youth members under age 18 must attend with a parent or adult from their lodge who is also attending a conference at the PTC. The June 13-19 NLS is the same week as the Order of the Arrow’s Adviser Training. Visit this Web site for more details: http://www.scouter.com/oa-central-region/nlsphil/. National Leadership Summit. A first-of-its-kind event since the OA fully joined forces with the BSA in 1948 will be held this summer in Fort Collins, Colorado. Colorado State University will be hosting the Summit from July 31-August 3 for Region, Section, and Lodge Key 3 members plus one additional youth from the LEC. Section Chiefs from throughout the country met December 26-29, 1998 at the national OA planning meeting to organize the event. There they were divided into 11 subcommittees for the Summit to plan the morning sessions and afternoon electives. Four key initiatives of the 1998-2002 strategic plan were selected to be introduced in 1999: a new Lodge Leadership Development training syllabus, the OA unit representative position of office, new Quality Lodge Program standards, and the new role of the section. All participants attend the morning sessions, but they can choose which afternoon electives they wish to attend. The afternoon is an opportunity each day for everyone to help decide the best ways to implement programs of the strategic plan on each level of the OA. This is your lodge’s chance to help make national decisions from a local viewpoint. Your home-cooked opinion is one of the best things you can bring with you, so be ready to share and be open to learn. Look for more at http://www.oa-bsa.org. Central Region NLS dates. September 17-19 at Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia October 29-31 TBA November 5-7 at Mahoney State Park, Ashland, Nebraska 1999 Conclave Spotlights. Native American Programs. CVC Will Hirsch requests that Arrowmen interested in Indian Lore contact him to serve on this committee. His current plans are to set up an encampment with lodges; have presenters on regalia building, dance teams, and vendors. He also wants to display bead work and bone work. The encampment will have patterns and ideas for regalia available. It will also be an opportunity to learn beginning dance steps and a few basic chants with drumming. Committee Lead Adviser is David Stowe. If interested in helping Will, contact him: William Hirsch, Lodge Chief Kidi Kidish 434, 1420 Prospect Avenue, Salina, KS 67401. His phone number is 785-820-9387. Ceremonies. The second committee under the spotlight this edition will feature the ceremonies competitions. Team competition in the Pre Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies will be held Saturday morning, limit one team per lodge per ceremony. The individual competition in the same ceremonies will be Saturday afternoon, limit one person per principal part per lodge per ceremony. Evaluation will be based on voice, diction, gestures, memorization, and other aspects vital to conveying the impact of the ceremonies. Matt Bills, Wah-Sha-She Lodge #42 Chief, is the CVC. Order of the Arrow Section C-6 has established a discussion list for use in communicating with Arrowmen of its twelve member lodges. This discussion list is intended to be available to each of our lodges to aid you in discussing lodge operations and program with your members. Since it is a smaller and more localized list than the Arrow-L Discussion List, it is a more appropriate place for lodges to discuss local issues. All announcements of the Section will be posted to this list. All Arrowmen in any of the twelve lodges of Section C-6 are encouraged to subscribe to this discussion list. You will receive only one e-mail message a day that is a digest of all messages posted to the group that day, so you don't have to worry about your mailbox overflowing. To subscribe to the OA-SECTION-C6-LIST, compose an e-mail message with ONLY this text in the body: SUBSCRIBE OA-SECTION-C6-LIST your name, lodge and position Send the message to LISTSERV@SCOUTER.NET You will receive a welcome file and further instructions about the list. Fellow Brothers, I hope this first edition reaches you as quickly as possible. Many of us have been around to listen each year as candidates promise to publish a section newsletter. I have kept my promise. The quality of the newsletter will improve in time as articles become more interesting and different writers are added to the team, but here it is--the first edition. This year's conclave still promises to be a success. During the summer the CoC will meet Sunday and Monday night of the Summit for an hour each time. If you would like your view represented, contact your lodge chief and inform him of your stance. Not all of the CVCs are lodge chiefs, so if you are a CVC who will not be attending the Summit, be sure to give your information to someone who will be attending. Remember, also, to contact the service lodge about any facility needs for your committee. Watch the listserv for updates. Living the Spirit, Nick Johnson 1999 Section C-6 Chief
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