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Nick Johnson

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Columbia, MO 65203
United States

Hello, and thanks for stopping by. As Vice-Chief of Administration for the Nampa-Tsi Lodge I am in charge of overseeing the chapter program. Once a month I'll update the upcoming information link for your convenience. The first of November was the General Business Meeting and 1998 lodge officers election. Results:

Lodge Chief-Curtis Hainds, Sichangu

Administrative Vice Chief-Nick Johnson, Oglala

Advancement Vice Chief-J.C. Feger, Oohenonpa

Correspondence Vice Chief-Andy Wilding, Miniconjou

Thunderbird Vice Chief-Nathan McKinnon, Sichangu

Hohn Vice Chief-Curt Eggen, Miniconjou

Fall and Winter of 1997 Information

Chapter Chiefs
Miniconjou-Jason Carroll
Oohenonpa-Delbert Blackard
Sichangu-Nathan McKinnon
Oglala-Carey Wiegers
Sihasapa-Jeremy Hibler
Hunkpapa-Jeremy Pirtle

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