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Poetry by Nick

A pain that pierces and protrudes,
Tumbles and twirls through my every thought,
Preventing my primal purpose.
This serge of secondary sense echoes eternally in my empty head.
I now know of how much I have lost.
Substance surrounds me,
But my reaction is silent:
I am lost.

'Way from me
'Way from me
take it away

'Way from me
'Way from me
out of my face

I'm waiting for you
around the corner
searching for you
and how to make us.

Then I found out
one thing to try
so I went over
and walked on by.

Now and again
i take a walk
look at your door
never to stop.

Playing cards by yourself,
Playing cards, there's no one else.
If the cars are played wrong,
the song won't live on.
But when our cards are played right,
this song plays through the night.
My spirit soars,
It's filled with delight.
And as the song plays on,
My spirit takes flight.

It's time to start, so let's begin;
I've done my part, now you chip in.
We walked across the ashes, embers still warm.
But amid these soft splashes,
to us there comes no harm.

When many a days have passed in this world,
Wonder do I, will each boy have a girl?
If one is left over, will he choose a tree?
Something to hug as it steadfastly rots?
If one boy is left, I hope it's not me.

The grass grew, the rain fell, the sun shined, and I met you.

listen to the music play
and wonder to myself
the song that will play next.
or will it be something else.

hopefully not a commercial
fora local store,
no one ever listens,
just considers them a bore.

and finally a song,
i know the words it plays
and i enter my trance,
fade away into a daze.

all alone in a world,
to which no others may enter,
is suddenly, rudely, interrupted.
spoiled, killed, twisted, curled.

the horrid, dull weather report
of partly this with a chance of that,
well, i'll thell you what it's mostly;
it's mostly outside my house, outdoors.

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Nick Johnson